Raquel Welch Color Ring

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Before purchasing your Raquel Welch Hair Extensions, we highly recommmend using a color ring to help you select your color. Raquel Welch Color Ring includes the following colors: R1 (Jet Black), R2 (Ebony/Off Black), R4 (Midnight Brown), R435S (Glazed Black Cherry), R6 (Dark Chocolate), R7S (Glazed Coffee), R8 (Dark Cinnamon), R829S (Glazed Hazelnut), R830 (Ginger Brown), R9S (Glazed Mahogany), R10 (Chestnut), R11S (Glazed Mocha), R12T (Pecan Brown), R13S (Glazed Toast), R14T (Sunkist Brown), R1416T (Buttered Toast), R14/88H (Golden Wheat), R25 (Ginger Blonde), R16 (Honey Blonde), R1621S (Glazed Sand), R1627 (Butterscotch Blonde), R2026S (Glazed Apricot), R21T (Sandy Blonde), R22 (Swedish Blonde), R23S (Glazed Vanilla), R25 (Ginger Blonde), R101 (Pearl Platinum), R27T (Ginger Red), R28S (Glazed Fire), R29S (Glazed Strawberry), R30 (Auburn), R3025S (Glazed Cinnamon), R33 (Dark Auburn), R3329S (Glazed Auburn), R130 (Dark Copper), R133S (Glazed Cranberry), R6/30H (Chocolate Copper), R8/25 (Golden Walnut), R1020 (Buttered Walnut), R12/26H (Honey Pecan), R13/23 (Pecan Mist), R14/25 (Honey Ginger), R30/27H (Auburn Mist), R265 (Gold), R267 (Peach), R269 (Ginger), R6F31 (Chocolate Foil), R9F26 (Mocha Foil), R13F25 (Praline Foil), R29F22 (Strawberry Foil), R33F28 (Burgundy Foil), R34F60 (Granite Foil), R44F60 (Steel Foil), R36 (Mink Mist), R38 (Smoked Walnut), R44 (Steel Gray), R4460S (Glazed Silver), R48 (Walnut Mist), R51G (Gradient Pewter), R56 (Smoke), R56/60 (Silver Mist), R60 (White Mist), R119G (Gradient Smoke); Shadow Shades: SS8/25 (Golden Walnut), SS8/29 (Hazelnut), SS10 (Chestnut), SS11/29 (Nutmeg), SS130 (Dark Copper), SS14/25 (Honey Ginger), SS14/88 (Golden Wheat), SS25 (Ginger Blonde), SS28 (Glazed Fire), SS29/20 (Strawberry Blonde)


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